Creating a Modern Prescription Drug Abuse Solution

When Mr. Hermann built his first electromagnetic combination safe over 30 years ago, he had no idea the concept would become the foundation for one of the companies he would start decades later.

Building on that initial vision by adding modern conveniences such as digital components and broadly available internet access, the iKeyp product and service platform was conceptualized.

The time could not be more appropriate for the iKeyp to enter the market as the drug problems facing our country show no signs of abating anytime soon.

Mr. Hermann understands the urgency of the prescription drug abuse problem and moreover, that the epidemic facing our country will require a multitude of solutions.  That is why he is developing the iKeyp line of intelligent medicine safes.

He does not expect to solve the problem by himself but he firmly believes the iKeyp can have a greater impact on preventing prescription drug abuse and safeguarding our youth better than any other product or service available today.