Innovative Features and Benefits

The iKeyp is a next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) personal medicine safe.


Internet Access

Simplicity and ease of use is at the heart of the iKeyp, so we have made connecting it to the internet as straightforward as possible. It is expected that most users will be able to connect the iKeyp to their home wireless network, by themselves, in just a few minutes.

Unlike other medicine safes on the market, by connecting the iKeyp to the internet, it can communicate in near real-time to provide security alerts and intelligent medication adherence reminders to the owner of the safe via text, email or the iKeyp mobile app.

Digital Combination Keypad

No longer do people need to carry around or keep track of a physical key to open a safe. The iKeyp provides for an individualized 4 to 8 digit combination length and easy-to-use digital combination keypad for securing and accessing the safe contents. And because many people are expected to be using the iKeyp in a bathroom or kitchen, the keypad has been built with water resistance in mind by utilizing advanced membrane technology.

From either the on-board keypad located on the front of the unit, or from a smartphone using the mobile app, the iKeyp provides the ultimate in user convenience, ensuring patients can access their medication easily.


Installs Securely

The patent pending expandable wings system provides the user with an unparalleled range of simple and secure installation options. In the past, users would need to hire a handyman or face the challenges of drilling into a medicine cabinet or other storage area to secure a traditional medicine safe into place. These difficulties not only created hesitation about undertaking the project itself, but also caused irreversible damage to the medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet or furniture where it was installed.

Sealed Compartment

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers today are recommending that some medications be stored in a dry environment and not in a location that may be subject to high moisture levels such as a bathroom. It is with this in mind that the iKeyp has been engineered with a humidity-resistant sealed front door to the safe compartment.

This feature is intended to maximize the effectiveness and lifespan of many medications by limiting their degradation due to high humidity.  Further, the iKeyp is packaged with a starter sample of desiccant for those who choose to or need to provide a more effective dehumidifying environment for their medications.


Audible and Visual Alerts

The iKeyp has been thoughtfully engineered with a diverse set of customers’ needs in mind.  As such, for more traditional users who do not wish to use a smartphone, the iKeyp has been built with both audible and visual alerts that can be seen and heard directly from the safe.  The user may chose to have audible feedback confirming each key press on the keypad, turn on or off the theft detection siren and many other audible indicators.

Visually at a glance, a user may simply look at the front of the safe to see the status of the battery, the internet connectivity and other critical functions ensuring maximum protection for smartphone and non-smartphone user alike.  Depending on your specific lifestyle needs, you can depend upon the iKeyp to always keep you informed.

Stores up to Eight (8) Prescription Pill Bottles

The iKeyp was designed with capacity in mind, while balancing often limited shelf space.  As a result, the interior compartment holds up to eight prescription pill bottles – including the potential to hold larger bottles such as cough syrup with a width of 2″ and a height of up to 5 1/2″.

For individuals that require more space, two units can be used together side by side or on separate shelves; or look for our iKeyp XL, coming soon, which will have greater capacity for extra storage needs.


Fail-safe Physical Key Access

Because reliability and convenience are critically important for medication adherence, a matching pair of physical keys are provided with each safe, which can be used in an emergency and also so that each person can personalize their iKeyp experience according to their preferences.

While most users will opt to use the digital keypad or the mobile app to access the contents of their iKeyp, we recognize that some users may want to use a traditional key to open their safe.  For this reason, and to ensure a person can always open their unit when needed in any circumstance, we offer a variety of convenient access options with your iKeyp unit.

Expandable Wings

The iKeyp features patent pending expandable wings which allow the unit to be installed securely in cabinet and drawers of varying widths or depths up to 23.5”.  The wings are easily adjusted with a dial connected to a rack and pinion style mechanism which, when installed, exerts considerable pressure on the side walls allowing for the unit, in most cases, to be installed securely in less than a minute without the use of any tools, drilling or sticky tape.

With a focus on versatility, the unit can also be uninstalled in a matter of seconds, the wings can be retracted into the safe and the iKeyp is then ready for on the go travel or simple re-installation in another location.