Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and other Rx Prescribers


Doctors and other professionals who prescribe medications can be part of the front line for preventing or stopping prescription drug abuse. As the first touch-point between patients and prescription medications, Rx prescribers are in a unique position to educate patients on the importance of keeping prescription medications secure in the home.

Currently, legislation is being passed that will mandate that all prescribers of opioids complete training that will require them to identify potential prescription drug abusers and doctor shoppers, as well as to engage in conversation with patients on the dangers of addiction to opioids and the need to keep them locked up and safe for the exclusive use of the intended patient.

It is at this critical moment of doctor/patient interaction that doctors can play an important role in offering an effective solution for patients to keep themselves, their family, friends and neighbors safe from the risk of prescription drug abuse.

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