Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


Pharmaceutical manufacturers today face a number of challenges. They have come under increasing scrutiny and pressure to lower costs to end users; contain potential undesirable outcomes such as abuse; and ensure that critical drugs improving health outcomes remain broadly available, effective and safe to use.

Ideally, pharmaceutical manufacturers would prefer revenues remain stable or grow under the pressure of expiring patents and the additional downward cost pressure from emerging generics, while working to increase corporate or shareholder profits at the same time. In addition, pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly becoming the target of litigation along a number of fronts, and their exposure is expected to only increase in today’s environment of increasing focus on health care.

Lastly, and of utmost importance, is to ensure that patients who take medications optimize their adherence by taking medication as directed, while at the same time keeping medications such as Opioids, CNS stimulants and sedatives safe in the home to prevent prescription drug abuse and/or theft.

All of these factors incent pharmaceutical manufacturers to seek new ways to evolve to be able to meet these changing market conditions head on. Many are looking for partners to help meet these challenges. We invite you to contact Solo Technology Holdings below to further explore our flexible engagement models and find out how the iKeyp line of products and services can help your organization meet its goals.


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