The iKeyp is an internet-enabled personal safe designed to disrupt the cycle of prescription drug theft and abuse by providing an intelligent, secure and private storage area to safely keep prescription medications anywhere in your home, while at the same time protecting other valuables.

The iKeyp Safe

The product primarily serves two pillars from which its guiding principles have been be built.  The first pillar, and foremost in the design, is to keep medication convenient and safe – where people typically take their medication – either in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or office.

The second pillar is to improve medication adherence.  With the iKeyp, a user no longer has to store medication out of reach, hide it somewhere in the home or keep it locked away inconveniently in a traditional safe. 

The convenience of locating and securing an iKeyp anywhere in the home is fundamental to reducing prescription drug abuse and improving adherence.  It keeps drugs safe and does not require individuals to learn a new process or remember a different location to take their daily medication.

The iKeyp Mobile Application

As an “Internet of Things” device, the iKeyp takes advantage of internet connectivity by providing a rich app experience for the leading mobile phone and tablet platforms (iOS and android) as well as a fully engaging mobile web experience for all smart phone and tablet users.  The ability to control and receive alerts ushers in a new level of convenience and protection for anyone wishing to keep prescription medications secure.

Further, as a by product of the iKeyp security features through its advanced detection capabilities, it can also provide basic adherence alerts to individuals who want to have an “intelligent” prescription reminder application versus the traditional “dumb” medication apps provided on mobile phones today that resemble nothing more than an alarm clock triggering itself whether one has taken their medication or not.

Because the iKeyp understands when it has been opened, it can often predict when a person has taken their medication and not send false alerts associated with the traditional medication apps which are ultimately ignored because they have no context as to when the medication might actually have been taken.

Mobile Application Security and Maintenance Alerts:

  •  Correct Code Entered Alert
  •  Incorrect Code Entered Alert
  •  Door Remains Open Alert
  •  Theft/Tamper Detection Alert
  •  Remote Open from Smartphone
  •  Wi-Fi Signal Strength Alert
  •  Low Battery Strength Alert

Provides alerts in real-time via smartphone app, email or text.

Mobile Application Adherence Alerts:

  •  Provides user configurable time of day medication windows.
  •  Provides proactive medication reminders for upcoming medication dosages.
  •  Provides contextual real-time alerts for missed medication windows.

Provides alerts in real-time via smartphone app, email or text.